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Paper is built for Freeway Pro 5.5, and won't work with other design programs.
This blogger template is pretty advanced with a fair amount of custom CSS tweaks to achieve the affect I wanted, so please don't go and alter all the "weird" styles unless you know what you are doing!

Not all of the styling shows in Freeway's preview, so you'll have to publish it to see it.

Paper is dependent on 2 web fonts from Google Web Fonts; Ubuntu (Header), and Open Sans (Body/Content). They're all ready to go.


Make sure you have the Hide Slaves action installed.
Go to Bloggers layout settings page, and mirror the screenshot below (click on it to enlarge). You'll find these options by clicking on the "edit" link in the blog posts section.

Instead of Blogger's ugly sharing buttons, go to ShareThis. Pick "Blogger" for the platform and the square buttons for the style. Tweak the services and then click "get code". A window will pop up, select multi-post, and press "Go!" A blogger window should open asking you which blog to add it to. Choose, then hit "add widget". Because I've already added the custom CSS code, that is all you have to do!
One note: ShareThis can cause some Javascript conflict, so be use actions wisely!
To publish the blog, please see the official instructions here:

Download Paper Now!


For information on using this template, please see: